Shohei Yamamoto

Dr. Shohei Yamamoto

Adjunct assistant professor

Hitotsubashi Business School (Hitotsubashi ICS)

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Hello! I have been grappling with procrastination for over 30 years, which inspired me to research this area to overcome procrastination for both myself and others. My broader interest lies in understanding how humans make decisions and exploring ways to improve our decision-making processes.

Selected Papers

1.The Endowment Effect in the Future: How Time Shapes Buying and Selling Prices

The perceived value of objects tends to increase simply due to ownership, which can create a gap between the selling price and buying price. Our research demonstrates that this gap increases when transactions between sellers and buyers are scheduled in the future.

2.Outcome- and sign-dependent time preferences: An incentivized intertemporal choice experiment involving effort and money

Previous research consistently identified differences in time preferences between decisions involving effort and those involving money. However, it was unclear whether these differences stemmed from the types of the outcomes or the associated pleasurable or unpleasurable experiences.

3.Framing Effects on Time Preferences: The Impact of Investment and Loan Contexts in Intertemporal Choices

This study demonstrates that when merely framing intertemporal questions as either investments or loans, while maintaining identical total outcomes, time preferences are influenced. This phenomenon is due to the tendency to ignore common payments between choices.

4. When Learning Together Goes Wrong: Negative Peer Effects in Online Learning

This research examined the impacts of peer effects through experiments resembling online English vocabulary learning platforms. Low perseverance in learning partners negatively influenced learners; these learners quit studying earlier and displayed lower performance.

Hitotsubashi ICS Xlab

I am a manager at Hitotsubashi ICS Xlab. Anyone 18 years or above is eligible to register for our experiments!


I am a member of PolicyGarage which creates an effective policy designed by behavioral science and related fields to contribute to a better society.