Shohei Yamamoto

Dr. Shohei Yamamoto

Adjunct assistant professor

Hitotsubashi Business School (Hitotsubashi ICS)

My institutional website

Hello, I am interested in interdisciplinary research on how humans make decisions and how we can help improve people's decision making, especially as it relates to time preference and procrastination.

Hitotsubashi ICS Xlab

I am a manager at Hitotsubashi ICS Xlab. Anyone 18 years or above is eligible to register for our experiments!


I am a member of PolicyGarage which creates an effective policy designed by behavioral science and related fields to contribute to a better society.

Nudging Design Lab

Oyuri (web designer) and I have provided designs incorporating effective nudges here. For those who want to know what nudges are, we have developed a web service that you can experience being nudged (in Japanese).